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Life Is Too Good to Go Without a Smile

With our denture solutions, you won’t go another day without a smile!

About Us

If you’ve lost one or more teeth over the years, dentures are a great way to have a complete smile once more. Serving Wellington County and located in Palmerston, Denture Care Centre offers comprehensive denture services. We can set you up with partial or complete dentures, depending on how severe your tooth loss is, and we offer repair services for dentures that just don’t fit right anymore.

Full & Partial Dentures
Full or complete dentures replace all of your teeth. If you require teeth extractions before getting your dentures, we offer conventional and immediate dentures, which can be placed after healing or immediately after extraction. Partial dentures can replace one or several teeth. They are often bridge-assisted and connected to your remaining teeth using crowns to keep them in place.

Implant Supported Dentures
For a more secure feeling denture, we recommend implant supported dentures. Utilizing implants, which are titanium posts fused to your jawbone, this type of denture can replace one or all of your teeth. Because of the implants, these dentures often feel the most natural and secure.

Same-Day Relines & Repairs
If you already have dentures, you understand how much they improve your daily life. If your dentures are no longer fitting correctly, you’ll experience difficulties chewing and speaking. To ensure you don’t endure such hardships for long, Denture Care Centre offers same-day relines and repairs.

Contact Us for a Consultation
No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, Denture Care Centre can help you. With complete and partial dentures, as well as comprehensive denture repairs, our team will ensure you have a full set of teeth for your smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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Same day relines and repairs

Implant dentures

Immediate dentures

Full and partial dentures



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